Watch the water how to do? Cold can not

For some not waterproof replica watches uk water, and should be how to do? If not properly handled, then it will be easy to rust or directly stopped, and here we explore how to solve this problem. Watch water solution 1: Use paper towels to absorb moisture When the water after the watch, first of all we should use a few layers of paper towel to wrap the wet watch, and then put the 40-watt bulb next to the bake for 10 minutes, you can help eliminate moisture. Watch water solution 2: anti-wear rolex replica To solve the water problem watch, you can also use anti-wear watch method, the watches Mongolia inward, and then out of the bottom shell, so anti-wear is a watch, but also can effectively help remove the watch water vapor. Watch water solution 3: send shop wiping oil When the case is more serious water into the rolex replica watches, you need to be sent to the watch repair shop as quickly as possible to wipe the oil and remove the movement of the water, so as to avoid the watch inside rust damage watch. Watch water into the water bogey Solution: Direct baking Of course, there are good solutions, of course, there will be bad, the baking of the water watch can not be carried out directly, the need to wrap a paper towel, and then baking.